And the winner of the Name the Scandal Contest is . . .

The Gonzales Eight Massacre, by Thomas Healy (with an assist from me inserting "eight" to match the rhythm of "Saturday Night Massacre")

First Runner Up: Eight Prosecutors Ousted by Eric Garber (again with an assist from me changing "men" to "prosecutors" because two of the fired prosecutors are women)

Honorable Mention: GOP for "Gonzales' Ousted Prosecutors" by Trevor Morrison (clever and catchy but ineligible because the mainstream media would never actually call a scandal by an acronym that implicates an entire political party).

Consolation Prize for Most Dogged Effort goes to Octopus Grigori for the following entries:

Pink Slip Pickle [or Prosecutor Pink Slip Pickle]

The Wrath of Miers [or The Wrath of Harriet]

The War on Justice


Thanks to everyone for playing. Be sure to refer to "The Gonzales Eight Massacre" constantly until it catches on.