A Thanksgiving "Poem"

By Eric Segall

The air is getting colder with winter so near
Our President is still awful that much is clear

His loony twitter feed tells many crazy lies
Maybe he’s sending secrets to his Russian spies

He makes so much money from the office he holds
His crayon hair is remarkable for its unique folds

He never says I’m sorry or admits to a loss
He just loves being the world’s worst boss

I wake up every day afraid of what he’ll do
Not just him but his entire motley crew

How will we get through the next two years
When Trump is the sum of all of our fears?

How do we stop shedding so many a tear
Every time he looks at Putin with his lovesick leer?

So here are a few thoughts to get us through
Until the White House is the home of someone brand new

Friends, family and faith can help us a lot
If that doesn’t work, you can always try pot

Remember this country is still mostly free
You can be you and I can be me

Although two years sounds like a long while
It will go faster if you remember to smile

We’ve had awful Presidents before and the country moved on
Someday the orange monster and his cronies will be gone

So let us remember on this Thanksgiving day
It will not always feel this way

I give thanks to Mike for hosting this blog
I give thanks for Lucy my beautiful new dog

My wife and my kids help me escape the Trumpster
He will someday end up in the Dumpster

So don’t let him take away all your good times
And please don’t blame Mike for these awful rhymes

I wish everyone out there a wonderful Thanksgiving break
While I tell the President to jump in a lake

We will survive him and that will be a great day
Despite our differences, we are still the USA