Less Buchanan on Dorf on Law, More Dorf on Dorf on Law

During 2009, the pattern on Dorf on Law has been for Mike Dorf to post five or six times in each two week period, for me to post four times every two weeks, for Sherry Colb to post once every two weeks, and for the other co-bloggers to post on an ad hoc basis. As of this week, I am joining Professors Colb and Dorf as a regular columnist on FindLaw. After some discussion, we have decided that I will henceforth post once each week (usually Thursdays) on Dorf on Law, with Mike and other co-bloggers picking up the extra slot each week. This can change, of course, if I happen upon any examples of people mischaracterizing the estate tax, or saying good things about 3-D movies, requiring an immediate post on Dorf on Law.

-- Posted by Neil H. Buchanan