A Modest (and Binding) Proposal

More on Iraq.

If we want the Senate to vote on something that's binding, rather than non-binding, then I have a couple of proposals. First, let's attach a rider to the current appropriation bills to restrict the President's ability to jaunt around the country for photo ops on Air Force One. Unless he needs to go abroad to go on a diplomatic mission, make him sit in Washington, on his butt at the Oval Office, actually doing serious work. Lock him up in the White House until he goes stir crazy. No Crawford. No Camp David.

Second, you know how Congress loves to phase things in and phase them out? I say that we adopt a sliding scale for funding the war: there's only 100% funding if X percent of the members of Congress have kids or siblings who enlist and are on active duty in Iraq. If only 0.8 X meet the criteria, then funding is cut by 20%. Heck, since Congress doesn't really want the war, substitute Cabinet secretaries for members of Congress. Somebody needs to put some skin in this game.

Perhaps, while the President is sitting around in the White House under a curled-up "Mission Accomplished" poster, he could spend his time writing an essay called "What I Told Barb and Jenna About Why They Should Enlist in the Army and What They Said Back To Me." That's one I'd actually like to read.