I am NOT going to head the NEA

For roughly my first quarter-century on this planet, I thought I was the only Michael Dorf. Since then, I have met a surprisingly large number of other Michaels Dorf, and that's not counting Michael Dorff, who, as an undergraduate, lived in the same house (glorified dorm) in which I was then a tutor (glorified RA), and who, soon after I left the faculty at Rutgers-Camden Law School, joined that faculty himself, only then to head west. There is the music emprassario Michael Dorf. There is also the Mossad agent Michael Dorf who was part of the team sent to conduct assassinations in response to the killing of Israeli athletes at the 1972 Munich Olympics (portrayed in the film Munich). And then there is the Chicago-based arts lawyer, rumored to be on top of the short list to head the National Endowment for the Arts. He and I corresponded briefly a few years ago about a First Amendment issue and almost ended up co-authoring a paper, but we couldn't agree about whose name should be listed first.

Posted by Mike Dorf (not to be confused with Australian Michael Dorph)