Blogging Chain Letter

I discovered yesterday that I have been "tagged," i.e., singled out by another blogger as someone assigned to complete a task---in this case to make claims in 4 categories---and then to "tag" someone else. I was tagged by Jim Chen, blogger at Jurisdynamics and Dean of the University of Louisville School of Law. I hate chain letters but this one seemed kind of fun, so the compromise upon which I've settled is that I'll accept my assignment but not tag anybody else. Of course, if any other bloggers (or normal people) out there want to make their contributions, they should feel free to consider themselves hereby tagged. If this arrangement violates the rules of the "meme" (which is really just a polite way of saying chain letter or virus), so be it. I accept the curse of the cyber-gods.

Here are the categories and my answers:

1) Headline I’m most fearful of seeing in 2008:

Justice Stevens Announces Retirement: President-Elect Huckabee Promises to Name a "Strict Constructionist"

2) Headline I most want to see in 2008:

Law Professor Awakens From Bizarre Eight-Year Nightmare: Dreamed That George W. Bush Was President

3) Headline I most expect to see in 2008:

Bush, Leaving Office, Fully Pardons "Scooter" Libby, Calling Him "a Decent Man Who Paid His Debt"

4) Headline I least expect to see in 2008:

Giuliani, Seeking Votes of Swing-State Weasel Lovers, Reverses Prior Stand Against Ferrets

Oh, and if you're looking for something more serious, read Cristie Ford's post on Senator Clinton, just below.

Posted by Mike Dorf