Wednesday, September 05, 2018


by Michael Dorf

I know, I know. Today is Day 2 of the Kavanaugh confirmation hearing. I'll have something to say about the hearing as a whole on Friday. Meanwhile, I wrote a piece on the remarkable efforts to change NAFTA currently underway. In it, I explain why Trump can unilaterally blow up NAFTA but that if he wants it improved or even modified, he needs congressional cooperation. You can find the column on Verdict.

Meanwhile, in a few hours, Prof. Klein will have a piece here on Aretha Franklin's estate.

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Joe said...


Canadian reporter Daniel Dale is covering the issue now, for instance. One tweet:

This morning, Trudeau linked one of his NAFTA "red lines" to Trump's behaviour: "We need to keep the Chapter 19 dispute resolution because that ensures that the rules are actually followed. We have a president that doesn't always follow the rules as they're laid out."