Friday, July 03, 2020

Happy (?) Independence Day

by Neil H. Buchanan

Today, Friday the 3rd of July, is designated "Independence Day observed" on my calendar.

We at Dorf on Law are hardly giddy optimists, but we do hope that next year's celebration of this country's declaration of independence will occur in a time with more reasons to feel confident about the future than we can see today.

In any event, we wish all of our readers health and happiness,


CEP said...

As a veteran, I don't celebrate 04 July, which has overtones of "Mission Accomplished!" to anyone who has ever attended a military funeral (especially in "peacetime" — something that, realistically, the US hasn't had since mid-1940). 04 July is giving the King the finger. Independence Day, and the birthday of the nation, is 17 September 1789, when we actually made it an effective nation that had a chance of standing up to existing foreign powers. (The Brits lost the First War of American Secession, c. 1774-1783, through logistical ineptitude and their own domestic corruption as much as anything else; the Colonies didn't "win.")

And there are too many drunk drivers on 04 July for my taste anyway.

Joe said...

Have a nice holiday weekend all.

Prof Segall: Sit down, John!
Prof Dorf: Enjoy your pies
Prof Buchanan: Say hi to Dave Barry for me (

(And, a honorary memory to our departed Ben Franklin.)