Friday, November 25, 2016

For Black Friday, A Rerun

by Michael Dorf

Today is Black Friday. I won't be spending it fighting with other shoppers for discounted consumer goods, but I also won't be spending it blogging. Here in central New York, an early snowfall has led our local ski slope to open early, so I'll be there trying and failing to keep up--or more accurately I suppose, down--with my fifteen-year-old daughter. For those readers who feel deprived of their daily fix of DoL, I suggest this "classic" or perhaps "pre-read" seasonal post. Neil, Sherry, Eric, and I will be back again with new content, beginning on Monday.


Shag from Brookline said...

Mike, remember this when you're at the top of the slope, like with the coming Trump presidency, it's all downhill.

Joe said...

Another tradition of mine this time of the year is to read and now listen to various Supreme Court decisions involving holiday displays. One even has a Christmas miracle of sorts -- Justice Thomas asks a question.

Unknown said...

A very Happy Thanksgiving to the bloggers here, and thanks for all the great reads. Enjoy your much-deserved break.

qwoijzacxoi said...

Why fail to keep up? You're taking the time to ski anyways, you can improve! :)

Shag from Brookline said...

Mike, This is quite late in moderation. But in going through some of my papers, I located an ode that was inspired by your "classic" post that you provided a link to, which included a comment of mine. Here is what you inspired, with a slightly different spelling of your title:



The convergence of Chanukah
And Thanksgiving
Might turn out
To be forbidding.

For is the turkey Kosher
Just as is the chicken
That’s renowned for
Its tasty, finger lickin’?

In the locus of Leviticus
The turkey did not exist.
That’s probably why it
Did not make a list.

So is the turkey
Kosher and safe,
Or is it merely
Gobbledygook treyf?

November 30, 2013


At 86 I don't know if I will have another opportunity to thank you for your inspiration.