Coming Attractions: Hockett on Central Banks; Teaser re Upcoming Column on Filibuster Reform; And More!

By Mike Dorf

Notwithstanding Prof. Buchanan's observation earlier today that there was no new substantive post, let me assure readers that there's a lot in the works.  Prof. Hockett will have a post on central banks up soon in which he builds upon my observations earlier in the week regarding the serendipitous independence of the Fed.

Meanwhile, various readers have asked me what I think about the change in the cloture rule in the Senate (aka the nuclear option that has now been exercised).  The answer is it's complicated and so rather than dash something up immediately, I'm going to think about it for a while and probably write my next Verdict column about that topic--which will run in 12 days along with an accompanying blog post.  Between now and then, I'll also revisit the Richie Incognito story (as promised earlier this week), and next week will feature more by Prof. Buchanan, a follow-up by Prof. Kalhan on the continuing stop-and-frisk 2d Circuit litigation, and a piece by Prof. Colb to accompany her forthcoming Verdict column on the recently argued Supreme Court case involving a sentence enhancement for causing death via heroin.

So stay tuned!