Whence Cometh Mini-Me?

By Mike Dorf

I recently received a package, which, upon unwrapping, I discovered contained a bobblehead.  Here's a pic:

A moment's observation reveals that the bobblehead is a likeness (more or less) of me, as verified below:

But the package contained no card or other identification of the sender.  It came from an address in China via a website that enables users to upload a photo to create a custom bobblehead. The slogan on the base is "Damn the Absolute," which is a quotation of William James.  To my knowledge, I've never said "Damn the Absolute," although I have on various occasions expressed admiration for the views of William James and other American pragmatist philosophers.

So we have a mystery.  Who sent me this bobblehead?  Was it meant affectionately, as it appears?  Or is it insidious?  Perhaps there's a tiny listening device implanted in it?  Anyway, sender, please reveal yourself (either on or off list, as you choose) so that I can properly thank you (or get a restraining order).