Podcast for Children and Childish Adults: Nightlystory

By Mike Dorf

File this post under "shameless promotion of other ventures."  The good news is that like DoL, this other venture is completely pro bono.  Here goes.

Every night for the last several years, I have been making up stories of 5-10 minutes length for my two daughters, featuring their respective alter egos, code-named Rowena and Ophelia.  I occasionally include their friends.  The stories frequently feature time travel and other adventures, and mix material genuinely for children (mine are currently 8 and 6) with my own inside jokes that only adults can follow.  The quality is, admittedly, variable, depending on my own level of creativity on any given night, and how well the kids are behaving.  (They sometimes interrupt.)  But I've beta-tested it with a few friends and family, and there seems to be enough interest to launch it to the wider world.

Now you can listen in. I've created a podcast which you can access via the web or by searching for "nightlystory" in the iTunes store and then subscribing (or downloading individual podcasts).  The podcast is free either way.  I suggest you start with the first couple of stories (at the bottom of the webpage or at the bottom of the episode list in iTunes), because they provide background and context.  There will be a new story just about every day.  If you enjoy them, please spread the word.

Tomorrow, DoL will go back to law, politics, etc.