Dinosaurs and Thunder

My FindLaw column today is about the "butterfly effect" of Supreme Court decisions. You know, a butterfly beats its wings, affecting the wind ever so slightly, and because of the chaotic nature of weather, this changes the course of history. In the course of introducing the phenomenon I refer to a time travel story called "A Gun For Dinosaur." A couple of astute readers (proving themselves even nerdier than I!) noted that a better reference would have been the Ray Bradbury story "A Sound of Thunder." I agree and in fact I read "A Sound of Thunder" as a boy. I referred to "A Gun for Dinosaur," which is also a time travel story and works for the point I was making in the essay though admittedly not as well, because I took part in a symposium a few years ago that used "A Gun for Dinosaur" as the jumping-off point. Thus it was the story title that came to mind. Apologies to Bradbury and his fans.