Monday, February 17, 2020

For Presidents' Day, I Discuss a Lawsuit Against the Trump Administration But Not the President Himself

by Michael C. Dorf

George Washington was born on February 22, 1732, so naturally, today being February 17, we celebrate his birthday, as well as the birthdays of all Presidents. Or is it the Presidents themselves, rather than their birthdays, that we celebrate? And do we have to celebrate all of them? Andrew Jackson? Andrew Johnson? Richard Nixon? Donald Trump?

I like a good holiday as much as anyone else, so I'm celebrating by not writing a substantive blog post today. Instead, I direct readers to my latest Verdict column, in which I discuss the lawsuit filed by the NY State Attorney General against the Trump administration, seeking to block the new policy of denying all New Yorkers and only New Yorkers the opportunity to enroll in or renew expiring enrollments in the Trusted Traveler programs. I explain that the lawsuit makes good claims but that they could be strengthened a bit. (You're welcome, AG James!).

Happy Presidents Day (or should that be Presidents' Day with an apostrophe?).

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Joe said...

No thanks to Cuomo is he is compromising with Trump after meeting him. This is the guy who vetoed a bill expanding the ability of federal judges to marry people in NY (from my understanding, right now, Justice Sotomayor might not be able to marry people in NY) because doing so might help give the power to Trump appointed judges to marry people too. If he is for symbolism, maybe, at least send a surrogate to negotiate.

President's Day is today to give you a three day weekend though it would be closer if it was next Monday. Or, if the three day weekend was Friday-Sunday. Oh well.