Thursday, December 24, 2015

Holiday Schedule

by Michael Dorf

Merry Christmas to DoL's Christian readers and happy new year to all. There will be a fewposts next week but we here at DoL are in holiday mode, so we won't return to our regular schedule of a post per weekday until after the new year. We have confidence that you'll find some other way to amuse yourselves during the off days.


David Ricardo said...

Well thanks and a happy holiday season to those who post here and allow the rest of us to post our somewhat questionable commentary. In the spirit of Donald Trump let us wish our Christian friends goyishe nachas.

Joe said...

Twas the night and all that ... thanks for another year of superior commentary and look forward to the book you co-authored coming out next year.

Fred Raymond said...

Lurker since 2001. Thanks for the topical posts and erudite comments.