Reflections on Anthony Kennedy Conference

By Eric Segall

Are you tired of the Brett Kavanaugh controversy? If so, maybe take your mind of it by watching via live stream this Friday a symposium I am hosting on Justice Kennedy's career and legacy. The conference has an all star cast (minus a few nationally known reporters who for good cause had to cancel at the last minute because they had to stay in DC due to the aforesaid Kavanaugh controversy).

As you can see from the agenda below, we have a diverse group of law professors (five from the Volokh Conspiracy, two from right here at Dorf on Law, two from Balkinazation and a host of  extremely talented others). The format is conversations not speeches, the issues range from abortion and gay rights to federalism, separation of powers, and freedom of speech and religion, as well as Kennedy's writing style and his role as the median Justice.

Here is the link if you'd like to watch:

Here is the agenda:

8:30-8:45: Introduction: Dean Wendy F. Hensel 

Abortion and Gay Rights: Moderator Eric Segall: Pam Karlan, Mark Tushnet, Jonathan Adler
10:00-10:15: Break
Justice Kennedy's Prose: Style and Substance: Moderator Eric Segall: Eric Berger, Jamal Greene, Mike Dorf 

11:30-12:45: Lunch: 
Free Speech/Freedom of Religion: Moderator Eric Segall: Mike Dorf, Eugene Volokh

Criminal Procedure and Affirmative Action: Moderator Lauren Sudeall Lucas: Corinna Lain, Dan Epps, Gail Heriot

2:00-2:15: Break


Federalism and Separation of Powers: Moderator Eric Segall: Steve Griffin, Ilya Somin, Neil Kinkopf

The Median Justice: Moderator Eric Segall: Lee Epstein, Sasha Volokh, Jonathan Adler 

4:45-5:00: Closing Statement: Eric Segall