PLI Supreme Court Program in NYC; FindLaw Columns on Facebook, Twitter

By Mike Dorf

From the Department of Shameless Promotion, I have the following announcements:

1) As in past years, I'll be appearing again as a panelist at the annual Supreme Court roundup session of the Practicing Law Institute.  The program is all day August 3 in PLI's midtown office, and features a star-studded lineup (Erwin Chemerinsky, Tom Merrill, Drew Days, Sherry Colb, Jeff Toobin, Joan Biskupic, Burt Neuborne, Marty Schwartz, Leon Friedman, and for comic relief, moi.)  PLI is a non-profit provider of Continuing Legal Education.  If you can't make the live session, you can listen in via the live webcast.  And there are full and partial scholarships available for academics.

2) Tired of your legal analysis in complete sentences?  Follow FindLaw's Writ via Twitter.  There's also a Facebook page.  Both are just getting going so neither yet has the following of Shitmydadsays, but give it  time.