Dorf on Law on Twitter

I must say that I find the whole notion of Twitter more than a bit silly. I certainly hope that it doesn't come to replace other forms of information dissemination, lest we end up in the dopey dystopia depicted here. But as a means of promoting actual news and analysis, I suppose Twitter is marginally useful. And thus, I have taken the plunge and put Dorf on Law on Twitter. Click here to subscribe to my tweets. I'll tweet whenever I have a new post (although I can't promise that my co-bloggers all will). How will this be useful, you ask? I can't honestly say it will be, except perhaps if you're an email subscriber who doesn't like to go to the blog directly but does follow Twitterers (tweeters? nitwits?). Then you can see exactly when a post has gone up, without having to wait for it to appear in your a.m. inbox. Like I said, more than a bit silly.

Posted (and tweeted) by Mike Dorf