Saturday, July 07, 2012

The NewsHour, and the Perils of (Even the Most Fleeting) Fame

-- Posted by Neil H. Buchanan

In this past Tuesday's post, I promised to provide a link to the story on the PBS NewsHour in which I was interviewed. The 7 minute, 8 second video is now available here. My 24 seconds of fame begin at the 4:43 mark. One hour of interviewing, boiled down to one quote. That's show biz!

Interestingly, within a few minutes of the segment's airing on PBS this past Thursday, I received an angry email. In the segment, I had said that Republican governors who tried to justify refusing the Medicaid expansion by pointing to their states' current budget crunches were scare-mongering, because the current (Great Recession-induced) budget crunches should not be used to justify refusing to expand Medicaid years in the future, when states will have had a chance to recover from their current, temporary crises.

The email that I received had the Subject line "Neil Buchanan's threats against uninsured," and read as follows: "Your threats against uninsured Americans, which you expressed on PBS television (Channel 26), aired on Thursday July 5, 2012, were abhorrent, repugnant and disgusting."

Uhhh ... thanks for watching?


cartier said...

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