Schedule Adjustment

By Michael Dorf

There will be nothing of substance from me today. Instead, let me wish a happy Independence Day to our U.S.-based readers, and for the rest of you, enjoy Brazil v. Colombia and France v. Germany.

Astute readers will note that for the last several years, our schedule has usually had me blogging Mondays, Tuesdays, and every other Wednesday, with Professor Colb blogging on the alternate Wednesday, and Professor Buchanan blogging on Thursdays and Fridays--subject to occasional additions or substitutions from Professor Hockett, Professor McElroy, and more rarely, others. We will continue with the same rough distribution of writing, but Professor Buchanan will now have Tuesdays and Thursdays rather than Thursdays and Fridays. In other words, he and I have swapped Tuesday and Friday. Needless to say, we will occasionally depart from this new schedule in light of breaking news or our irrational whims.