Working Backwards

Regular readers of Dorf on Law know that Sherry Colb, Mike Dorf, and I each write columns every other week on FindLaw. Typically, we write a column and then post a companion piece here discussing some aspect of the column in further detail.

For my column this week, I reversed the process. My Dorf on Law post last Thursday discussed the problem of early retirees who lose their health insurance, suggesting that there is a potential path leading from that problem to universal single-payer health care -- a destination, moreover, that would be a boon to American business.

Having received some very helpful feedback, both on the Dorf on Law comment board and in conversations with some colleagues, I expanded on those thoughts in my FindLaw Column this week. Interested readers can find it (along with a new photo of my almost-smiling face) here.

-- Posted by Neil H. Buchanan