Meet the New Dorf on Law, Same as the Old Dorf on Law

Hey there DOL Nation. I have changed the look of Dorf on Law and relocated the URL from to but don't worry: I also wrote a line of code on so that your old bookmarks will still work. However, if you are used to getting the Dorf on Law feed or subscribing by email, your old subscription may no longer work. If it doesn't, just click on the subscription link on the sidebar to the right and re-subscribe. (If signing up for email again, click "posts," then "atom" and then follow the email link) It will take all of about 15 seconds.

Why the change? Two reasons:

1) I had been using external hosting, which meant some occasional downtime. That should be fixed now.

2) Hey, it's got new colors. It's uhm, one louder.

Posted by Mike Dorf