March Madness on Dorf on Law

For those of you who lack access to a NCAA tourney pool of your own---or more likely, for those of you who think you'll do better competing against a bunch of law geeks than the people at your office---I've created a "Dorf on Law" group pool. It costs nothing to join and you win nothing if you fill out the winning bracket, nothing that is, other than everlasting glory, i.e., kudos on this blog. To sign up, you first need to click here. That will take you to the ESPN tourney page. If you don't have an ESPN username and password, you'll need to create one. This process takes about a minute. I advise you to uncheck the defaults, which sign you up for spam.

After you pick a username and password, create your bracket and click on join a group. Search for "Dorf on Law," which should come up right away. (I had to pick a group motto, so I chose a quotation from CJ John Marshall.) Then click to join and you're done.

Good luck!

Posted by Mike Dorf