No Doubt Roger Clemens Doesn't Enjoy Sqrat or Juggling Either

Perhaps the most bizarre scene before Congress in recent years---excluding every time Alberto Gonzales testified--- is the following testimony of Roger Clemens before the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform (available at page 148 here):
Mr. Braley. Have you ever been a vegetarian?
Mr. Clemens. I am not a vegetarian.
Mr. Braley. Have you ever been a vegan?
Mr. Clemens. A what? I'm sorry.
Mr. Braley. A vegan.
Mr. Clemens. I don't know what that is. I'm sorry.
Yes, it's a sad day when the most famous pitcher in America doesn't know what a vegan is. Doesn't he even read Dorf on Law?!

Of course, the question on the minds of everyone who encountered this snippet out of context is why the Rocket was being asked if he was a vegan. The answer, as explained shortly after this exchange, is that veganism is one of the few reasons why someone might take vitamin B-12 supplements. I take them in yummy mint form. For the letter from PETA to Clemens, click here.

Posted by Mike Dorf