We Need a Scarier Term for Global Warming

With record-high January temperatures in my hometown of NYC and elsewhere yesterday, the words "global warming" were on many people's minds. Judging by overheard conversations, however, people do not appear to be adequately worried or even worried at all. And why should they be? With the exception of skiers and ski-slope operators, most people (myself included), enjoy a Balmy January day. What we who recognize the urgent need for action to avoid the truly catastrophic impact that global warming will likely have, we need is a much scarier term. We need the environmental equivalent of "death tax."

So far the main alternative to global warming is "climate change," which is preferable in that it doesn't sound affirmatively desirable, but at best neutral. Here are my (admittedly-not-very-good) candidates:

Coastal Flooding

Radiation Retention

Longterm Drought

Fossil Fuel Fiasco

Impending Doom

Carbon Death Blanklet