Global Warming Legislation

I’m all with Mike on the need for a “death tax”-like name for global warming. While we’re working on it, Congress could make fast progress with some “Patriot Act”-like legisation titles. With 2007 predicted to be the warmest year ever and Al Gore chasing an Oscar, the timing couldn’t be better. My suggestion to the new leadership of both houses is that they cue up a series of bills, aimed to be enacted at regular intervals--maybe one a month--each titled with a variation on the same basic name. I’m not sure what the name should be, but it probably ought to be something scary but optimistic, and not too Greenpeace. One possibility might be “The Natural Disaster Prevention ____________ Act of 200_.” Thus, for example, “The Natural Disaster Prevention Power Plants Act of 2007,” “The Natural Disaster Prevention Renewable Energy Act of 2007,” “The Natural Disaster Prevention Oil Importation Act of 2007,” etc. The Republicans might manage to kill some of it in the Senate, and the President might veto everything that made it to his desk, but as long as the proposed legislation stayed “on message,” it could push the debate in the right direction and keep the bad guys on the defensive.