My Poem is Better Than AI's Poem

 By Eric Segall

Over at the originalism blog, which has been more than generous to my work over the years, Professor Michael Rappaport used the new ChatGPT to write a poem on constitutional originalism. Here it is:

The Constitution, a guiding light,

Originalism, a principle bright.

From the founders' words, we must not stray,

Their intent, in all we do, must stay.

 A document of laws, etched in time,

To keep our nation in its prime.

A framework for freedom, strong and true,

Guided by original intent, anew.

 We must not twist the words they wrote,

To suit our own, a different coat.

The Constitution's meaning, clear and pure,

Originalism, our nation's cure.

 So let us honor the founders' call,

And keep the Constitution, standing tall.

With originalism as our guide,

Our nation's future will abide.


Okay, not bad, but I, a real living person, can do better. Here is my effort:

The Constitution, in many ways an ancient blight,

Originalism is a principle not so bright.

The Founders' words rarely are in play.

Judges have no choice but to stray.

 A document of imprecise hopes etched in time,

To keep our nation in its prime.

But also a framework for sexism and racism of all kinds,

From these original ideas we must change our minds.

It is so hard to live by the words they wrote,

Like going out in the rain without a coat.

The Constitution's meaning is often impossible to glean,

It leads to judges acting really mean.

So let’s not be bound by the founders' call,

Otherwise our society will certainly stall.

Today’s values are what judges should abide,

Then maybe our country will hit its stride.