New "Take Care" Blog Aims To Hold Trump Accountable

by Michael Dorf

Today marks the launch of the Take Care blog, a new venture that will produce and collect critical commentary focusing on the Trump administration. The name "Take Care" comes from the Constitution's placement of an obligation on the president to "take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed." The commentary on Take Care will evaluate how well or poorly President Trump is complying with that obligation.

I don't usually use this space simply to promote other work, but I'm making an exception for two reasons: First, I am one of the contributors to Take Care, although my contributions will mostly consist of cross-posting material that appears here on DoL, on Verdict, and on Newsweek. But since DoL readers already have easy access to my musings, the second and better reason I'm making this promotional announcement is the importance of the project. Take Care will feature commentary by an extremely strong pool of law professors and lawyers. Indeed, it already does. I urge readers to check it out.