Friday, September 24, 2021

The End of a Long Week

by Neil H. Buchanan

Dear Dorf on Law readers: This has been a very unusual week, starting with my first international travel of the COVID era, resulting in a 5-hour time difference, jet lag, and the associated disorientation.

Since arriving in Cambridge, I’ve published one Dorf on Law piece, an unscheduled Verdict column, and a guest op-ed in The Hill.

And for those who just can’t get enough Buchanan, an article on the debt ceiling in Congressional Quarterly’s Roll Call includes some of my choice words.

All of which is a long and self-important way of saying that I have no additional content for Dorf on Law today.  It’s time for some warm, flat beer.

Have a great weekend!


egarber said...

Hope you get some rest soon!

Question that sort of relates to the debt ceiling piece:

Could Congress pass this law?

“All future spending bills must be offset by additional revenue provisions.”

When does a law impermissibly hamstring future lawmakers?

Michael A Livingston said...

Wish you well on your trip . . .