Friday, December 21, 2012

Our New Debt Ceiling Paper is Now Out

By Mike Dorf

As Professor Buchanan indicated in his post earlier today, our new debt ceiling paper has now been published in the online edition of the Columbia Law Review ("Sidebar").  It's a short paper (by law journal standards), so I'll let it speak for itself. I will simply add that we wrote it last week, fully expecting that we would have to make substantial revisions on the fly when President Obama offered the Republicans a sweet deal (from what should have been their perspective).  We then watched in amazement this week as the deal was rejected.  For more on that point, I recommend Professor Hockett's treatment just below this post.


BK said...

Why isn't the debt ceiling law void from the beginning because of constitutional vagueness? It does not tell the executive which appropriations to reduce or ignore or what revenues to increase. In my view it has always been a nullity.Why am I wrong?

Unknown said...

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BK said...

I meant unconstitutional vagueness in the first post.

Unknown said...

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